Thursday, December 30, 2010

and we can breathe again...

my favorite day has to be dec 26th..the pressure is lifted off and i'm light as a feather...

and feeling light as a feather, i havn't really sewn, knitted or done anything crafty :S

while on my mini-vacation, i did finish up another oogie boogie and knitted up a cindyLou hat
awesome hat...another one is going to be made for the younger one..hahaha

and while i'm floating around...i realized that the challenge quilt for the guild is due next thursday, a saturday sampler block that following saturday....and getting back to the many projects that need to get done...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I might just split a seam now

lf I don't die laughing first"

and here is mr. oogie boogie man...

from one of my favorite holiday's a gift for a cousin.  

ther'es a six" zipper and before i had stuffed it, a coloring book fit perfect in the pocket...but after, it's kinda hard...hahaha...i'm excited that i had enough bug fabric for the inside...his mouth is also a pocket for the crayons.
for the next one, i'll probably change the mouth pocket so it's longer (that way the crayons hide better), use a longer zipper for the coloring book (that way it's easier to get an 8"x10" coloring book out), and either find some more bug fabric or use some kind of "gambeling" fabric for it..
oh..i should try to see if it glows in the black light...

oh look....

it's december. so....23 more days?


got a phone call for another tunsian stocking....yeah shure, i can do i said last year, i've got nothing to do *bigger cackle*

so let's see...
-a pair of hooter pants for the hurricane. made it so she had something special to wear when the owl and bat visted her classroom
-beetlejuice out of halloween pantyhoes...hahaha..."sandworms. yeah, i hate 'em too"
-customized a snuggie for the ol man's friend...he's a "seahawk" fan...haha...hence the sea chicken
-made another telemark sweater, socks and a zaggity hat.  
-another mini robot to sell on etsy 
-a mini seam reaper for the profile pic of the shop

and inbetween all that..i've made some matching hats out of the yarn from my sweater, socks for my mom (which aren't the same blasted size!!! ARRRGHHH) and a orange/verigated orange/red hat for a moniter...

on my "gotta finish" list, there are 2 baby quilts and 1 pillowcase/quilt in the making, another sweater, and some socks....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

beep bop

beep bop bop beep....

here. is. a robot.... feed. him. cars. little. toys....

push his nose and his eyes light up


i think i need to make a smaller one soon, the mini hurricane's getting attached!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

oh you naughty kittens

you've lost your mittens!

the pattern and steps are from ikat bag so dang cute!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

first snowflake of the season

another mini sweater...this one i designed the snowflake and used a sweater from snow day ornaments
haha, the sweater's size and simplicity amuse me

Saturday, October 16, 2010


halloween is my favorite time of year.

pumpkins, cold nights and warm blankets, leaves changing from green to red, the costumes...oh the costumes.

the magic of turning a stack of fabric and notions into wardrobe for a good (or a bad) witch, child at play or mini doctors.

so far the baby/big sister quilts have been hand quilted and presented with a doll w/ her own quilt and monkey made from the scraps

mini sweaters from knitpicks "let it snow"

with a new sewing machine, i'm going to machine stitch some names on 2 lab coats, start quilting a lap quilt for my ol man's friend who's going through chemo and start knitting a sweater my grandma...a big sweater haha...not a mini one

Sunday, September 19, 2010

doctor doctor!

give me the news, i've got a bad case of loooving yoooou!!

made a mini scrub top and green lab coat...

now back to quilting and football...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

s'more ketchup

with the county fair, unexpected projects and adjusting to the ol man FINALLY home and the hurricane in school...i've been slacking on posts. martha stweart "coming home" poncho with sparkly yarn

a dozen caltrans safety hard hats for a safety meeting at the ol man's request

a pair of lime green leg warmers for my niece...heehee...that's chucky roo cheesin it for the picture :)
and a pair of disappearing nine patch quilts for a baby soon to arrive in november and the baby's older sister
eight ladies and i made 2 disappearing 9-patch blocks. instead of rotating the corners, we switched them with the opposite blocks. the outcome is so much cooler. one of thee best quilt group project that i've worked on. and...with the left-overs from the fat quarters used for the blocks, a friend is going to make a doll to go with the scrappy doll quilt i made! there will be another post with the disappearing 9-patch.

Monday, August 16, 2010

seed stitch

i had made a green pullover bordered with garter stitch and decided for the next one to try out seed stitch. when i had started knitting, the seed stitch was my arch enemy. haha...probably had to do with the yarn and that i was barely learning how to knit.

washable wool from

my little cousin's birthday was this past weekend and i was trying to think of a simple yet fun gift to give her. her ma had said she was into dora and minnie. i was thinking a crayon roll would be fun, but i wanted it big enough to hold a coloring book...and bam, this bag was born.

reversable, washable, and pockets big enough to hold a box of crayons and a coloring book. i was so excited with how well it turned out, i'm tempted to make more.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

and another one...

here's another 2-t dress that's goign to the county fair

and ooooh! i love sock blockers!!! my socks look more like socks!!! and they too, are going to the fair.

which reminds me...need to make another gary...hahaha...and a yoshi!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


the little girl that the dress is made for reminds me of heidi...cute little brown curls and an adorable little grin
love how the yarn made the strip pattern. 2 skeins of loops & thread, 1 for the top, size 9 needle and the pattern elenka.
i'm going to make another one for a smaller cousin in a blue/purple yarn....and a blue sweater for her baby brother :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 niner niner

a cousin of mine is having a little girl and naming her olivia. the little pig

i had bought "olivia" fat quarters (cause i'm a fat quarter junkie) and now have a purpose for them

a disappearing 9-patch

and here's another one...for my niece who's second home seems to be the hospital :(
yes, both quilts need to be quilted and bound....and i think i'm going to send the spongebob quilt to the county fair.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

hippy skippy

a $3.50 thrift store find
with a snip here, sew there, some elastic and BAM!

a summer dress for the hurricane

Thursday, July 1, 2010

gary the dino

it's GARY the dinosaur!
watch out! he'll eat your cars

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

twirl whirl!

a new skirt for the hurricane

so from this goofy "poncho," i made 2 reusable t-shirt style bags and a skirt

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sweet lemonade

 well, here's pablo's "sweet lemonade" wall quilt from "amazing horse." why did i make something so goofy? because i'm the smart ass that said "pft, i can quilt anything"

it's going to the fair tomorrow...heehee...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

socks and bunnies

bunnies made from martha's craft book

finally! they're done!! started before xmas...finished today :) yay!!! since i finished before the county fair, i'll submit them there...too late for the smaller fair

Saturday, June 5, 2010

twinkle tiwnkle little star it is, all quilted up. i couldn't decide on how to stitch it...first i thought i'd stencil stars from a glow-in-the-dark star on the back and machine quilt it with the bottom on top....nah, that didn't work...alright, the only thing that i am  confident and have the patience for is line, echo, outline, and so forth....

i figured if i outline quilted the star and some of the center, the quilt would have a nice even feel to it...besides, it's going to be a picnic blanket...

it's going to the fair along with the "hailey marie" quilt

my goal in life is to win a blue ribbon at the local fair. so far, i've received honorable mention and third place...haha, of course i'm not giving 110% to get them, i enter for shits n giggles.

once again, the quilt is pictured on its side. the top is the right side of the picture.

haha...and because it's sneaky and i feel like being an ass, i'm going to make a wall hanging for my ol man of "sweet lemonade"

Monday, May 31, 2010

martha may

from martha's encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts, i made the hurricane a bunny and dress from a jacket and dress shirt....

added buttons for the eyes and nose, and lu request a mouth

and cause it's just funny, made her a pair of pantaloons from the sleeves...hilarious!!

not too bad for my first shirt-dress...haha

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

picinic in the stars

so here it is, 23 star blocks from the block of the month star series from the quilt guild.
the top and bottom row are blocks that i had won (and the pink in the middle)
i was thinking that a black would make the stars pop out, but i didnt want it to's supposed to be a picnic quilt.
so i pilfered through my stash and figured i'd use up the rest of the light blue elvis fabric

and of course, this picture is sideways; top row is on the far right.

just need to add sashing on the top and side of quilt, sandwich and quilt it.
that's another delima i'm i sandwich with cottom batting? or polyester? thick or thin? or just make it into a "summer quilt?"