Saturday, September 12, 2009

i need a rake

to catch the leaves i've made

one of the first (and favorite) of 25+ leaves: knitted maple, oak, and aspen and a bunch of small "autum" crochet leaves

the knitted leaves are from "playing in the leaves" by jackie erickson-scheitzer.

and with about of week not knitting/crocheting leaves, i was busy making hats, poncho and an elmo dress....all deadlined for the second week of sept!

for a six year old boy- r2d2!! i couldn't find any caron simply soft blue or black but found all three colors in redheart soft yarn and for 4 for $10 ! score!

1 year old girl - pirate bootie!


and the last project for the weekend a crocheted "coming home" poncho


haha, and this weekend, i knitted some more leaves and another priate hat