Saturday, February 20, 2010

knittin' nena

bwahahaha...freezer paper landed at my door step and inspiration soon followed
i love the idea of it love it love it!
AND sunbonnet sue is probably one of my favorite blocks...oh she'd look cute in some 30's reprint

super excited that i started yesterday and finished a block (i think i'm gona change her hat decorations though)
haha, she originally started out facing right...haha oops
placed and ready to be stitched
what are you going to knit sue?
how bout a scarf?
ode to my mother- knittin nena :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

red rover red rover...

send jada's dog over!

from the sock critter collection, poochie pup!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what kind of flower is under your nose?

"two lips!"
made the elenka dress in a 2T with the loops & threads impeccable yarn from michaels.
and because i'm just that weird...i unravled the sushi shawl...better to have skeins waiting to be into a sweater that i love than a shawl that's collecting dust...yeah yeah... "all that work wasted..." but like i said...i'd rather it be a sweater i know i'll wear than a shawl...that looks like it has boobies...haha, worked in theory...but i dont live in theory...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

happy "baaaa"rthday

a cute little lamb for a double birthday party on v-day weekend. i had started out in the round, but got frusrated when i was starting the body. since the lamb is worked in moss sitch, making it on straight needles and sewing it up and worring bout the seams wasnt an issue. the little girl we're going for likes puppies, a little sock critter puppy will be next....i've also started the skirt for the elenka dress, this time in purple.

and...ta ta daaa!!!

my new knit bag! bwahahahaha
jordana paige imperfect knitter's satchel...the money went to handbags help haiti

hmm...she's soooo perdy!