Sunday, September 19, 2010

doctor doctor!

give me the news, i've got a bad case of loooving yoooou!!

made a mini scrub top and green lab coat...

now back to quilting and football...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

s'more ketchup

with the county fair, unexpected projects and adjusting to the ol man FINALLY home and the hurricane in school...i've been slacking on posts. martha stweart "coming home" poncho with sparkly yarn

a dozen caltrans safety hard hats for a safety meeting at the ol man's request

a pair of lime green leg warmers for my niece...heehee...that's chucky roo cheesin it for the picture :)
and a pair of disappearing nine patch quilts for a baby soon to arrive in november and the baby's older sister
eight ladies and i made 2 disappearing 9-patch blocks. instead of rotating the corners, we switched them with the opposite blocks. the outcome is so much cooler. one of thee best quilt group project that i've worked on. and...with the left-overs from the fat quarters used for the blocks, a friend is going to make a doll to go with the scrappy doll quilt i made! there will be another post with the disappearing 9-patch.