Friday, October 21, 2011

july's quilts

my last week of july felt my most productive week so far. my ma took the kids and i was alone to quilt to my hearts content.

i was able to finish my couisn's mario quillow

used the leftover triangles from using "square in a square" ruler (made a Oregon star quilt for my nephew)...looks fantastic in my Greenbay Packer's kitchen

pinned the 2 middle quilts. the top quilt was for my daughter's first day of school....last year....
haha, and the bottom is a "roads" quilt i started hand quilting several years ago...wondering if i should machine quilt the rest
haha, it was pretty hilarous being 40 weeks pregnant trying to pin a king size quilt

sandwiched and hand quilted baby rosie's quilt

machine quilted my wicked quilt. my favorite part are the legs at the bottom