Thursday, December 2, 2010

"I might just split a seam now

lf I don't die laughing first"

and here is mr. oogie boogie man...

from one of my favorite holiday's a gift for a cousin.  

ther'es a six" zipper and before i had stuffed it, a coloring book fit perfect in the pocket...but after, it's kinda hard...hahaha...i'm excited that i had enough bug fabric for the inside...his mouth is also a pocket for the crayons.
for the next one, i'll probably change the mouth pocket so it's longer (that way the crayons hide better), use a longer zipper for the coloring book (that way it's easier to get an 8"x10" coloring book out), and either find some more bug fabric or use some kind of "gambeling" fabric for it..
oh..i should try to see if it glows in the black light...

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