Tuesday, October 27, 2009

spiders and a hurricane

finally finished my wrist...arm warmers w/ spiders on it. first ones ever!
spider wrist warmers
the left is a bit worn out...i'm thinking i should block them.

and...because the contest at handmade memories requires mittens/gloves AND hat/scarf...i made *peter griffin* a hat!
hurricane hat
i'm debating on whether i like it or not...my first non-brim hat. i usually dont wear my hair down and when i do, it's tucked under my hat...i'm wearing it now...so far, it's okay

both patterns were on ravelry.com
the spider from the gardener and the hat is the hurricane hat

and while we're on the subject of hats....
viking hat

my ol man's a viking!
the pattern had earflaps but he wanted braids

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

they come in green!?


oh yes...i want one....why?

why not? i can use it to take pictures of my finished knits or sewn projects without needing the help of my ol man! haha

shure could've used the mannequins hand while taking a pic of the left wrist warmer...and there are parts for sale too!

and, halloween's coming up! i can scare the trick-or-treaters (the 4 or 5 that we get)!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

prehistoric log cabin

finally finished a baby quilt for a friend...and good thing because the baby showed up 11 days before schedule!
prehistoric log cabin
while quilting it during the hurricanes' nap, i came up with the quilt name. the blue/red/green block reminded me of the center part of a log cabin block, and since it had dinosaurs, i figured prehistoric works.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

gnoming around

with halloween approaching fast, the hurricanes needed some costumes. from the get go, lu wanted to be a fairy princess.

so last week we took a field trip to jo-anns and she picked out her costume fabric.
princess fairy

knowing what she was going to be, the next problem was figuring out what el chuckster was going to dress up as. chuck norris, charlie horse, an orange cone...then a friend suggest a gnome...doh!

the ol man's brilliant idea was to take pictures at prairie creek park on the way to his folk's house.

here are some of the shenanigans that went on...
IMG_5785 IMG_5797
IMG_5799 IMG_5798

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

four dollar find

at the rummage sale last saturday, i bought a working necchi sewing machine and table for four dollars!!

took out the necchi and replaced it with the kenmore and bam! i have my first sewing machine table!!
new sewing table
with babies arriving the next couple of months, quilts, hats and booties are on the list.

try as i might, i couldn't get into the "bowtie" quilt i was making for a baby girl. *cackles* easily solved with a quick trip to the local quilt store.

the bowtie blocks are going to be made into premie quilts for the guild to donate.

the hats babies are going to get are a knitted hat from a pattern on raverly.com

knit hats

this weekend is going to be busy with quilting some baby quilts and a fairy costume for the hurricane...gotta get those halloween party invites out soon!