Monday, August 24, 2009

rainbow babies

rainbow babies!

what a great way to use up all my acrylic yarn....with the cheap yarn leaving my stash, i have room for some nice superwash wool, or noro yarn, or some fancy solid color sock yarn!... *evil cackle*

so, with my acrylic yarn, size 7 needles, i made my first babie. i'm going to adjust the pattern so i can use my dp needles instead. i prefer a seemless body :)

i still need to add eyes, mouth and some cheeks

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

link by link

...i make progress in the chain link quilt.
a pile of blocks sections

six links

Thursday, August 13, 2009

chain link

i guess i can say i'm the first generation quilter in my family. i've been teaching my mom everything that i learn and am amazed at how far she's gone w/ a little (okay, it was a hard shove) push.

and so, with that, the quilt that i have was for our wedding from a family friend. my mom has one in the hand quilting phase with hawaii elvis that i'm still waiting on. pst, dont tell her, but i think i'll pro'lly finish mine first....dang it.

so...with that in mind...

this is a project i'm working on for the ol man and me. chain link from Link to the 30's

haha, i realized the quilt was going to fit the top part of the king size i needed to adjust it and add more blocks...'bout 26 more. oh darn, guess i'll have to go back and get more reprint fabrics :)

so here's the block in it's pre-sewn form...can you belive it, i actually had the grand ol idea to hand sew ALL the pieces (they did it in the 30's, why couldn't i?), no, maybe i'll just hand quilt it instead :) haha

it's funny how i've got this one i'm so anxious and excited to do....when i've got so much more that i had already started and are waiting to be finished....just off the top of my head...

-grandfolk's golden double wedding ring
-hurricane lu's dresden flower quilt
-jefe's salsa lonestar quilt
-momala's mother's day '08 to machine quilt

friojles man...we better hurry and find a house to fit all the ufos! :)

sweet cherry pi

i was hoping to finish the dress for her fourth birthday, but finished about a month after. not too bad.

i used cotton ease "cherry" and for the trim, the wool ease sparkly both from lionbrand. i also added pony beads on the bottom of the points for a "cherry" effect. next are the stems for the cherries.

the pattern was from Elenka

Monday, August 3, 2009

a bit of catching up

for my brother's high school band fundraiser, my mom donated a quilt...haha, she tells me that she volunteered me to make it haha :)

i've been slacking on keeping up with what i've made.

-pair of socks using the circular needles and superwash wool

my hurricane liked them a lot so she snagged them :)

-the "emerald twist"

queen size, cotton fabric, batting, machine quilted. i decided not to add any quilting in the center of the twist 'cause i thought i'd take away from the twists. the backing is a black queen flat sheet (my ol man's idea)