Friday, December 30, 2011

me gusta

my ol man would entertain me with things he found on "reddit."

reddit this, reddit i got onto his account while he was at work to see what the hub-bub was all about...

sweet jesus...what have i missed out on!?

he signed me up for the secret santa and i was worried i'd get trolled since i'm a lurker. i think i've had 1 post to some person's quilt they had posted...but that's it.

haha, received a "subversive cross stitch" to my secret santa, thank you for the little stitch of heaven 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


haha, we had our 3rd on the third.


i found a pattern in an australian magazine i thought i'd try out...

reeediculously easy in fact, i tried it again...
the original pattern is for a packet of fat quarters. i doubled it to get a twin size quilt for the older kids. for my daughter, i added a purple border and the scrappy fabric border. 

and i secretly started another quilt...

Friday, October 21, 2011

july's quilts

my last week of july felt my most productive week so far. my ma took the kids and i was alone to quilt to my hearts content.

i was able to finish my couisn's mario quillow

used the leftover triangles from using "square in a square" ruler (made a Oregon star quilt for my nephew)...looks fantastic in my Greenbay Packer's kitchen

pinned the 2 middle quilts. the top quilt was for my daughter's first day of school....last year....
haha, and the bottom is a "roads" quilt i started hand quilting several years ago...wondering if i should machine quilt the rest
haha, it was pretty hilarous being 40 weeks pregnant trying to pin a king size quilt

sandwiched and hand quilted baby rosie's quilt

machine quilted my wicked quilt. my favorite part are the legs at the bottom

Sunday, July 3, 2011

happy birthdays

with the upcoming brithday of a good friend, another friend and i quickly made 3 of each block 1 and 2 from last year's block of the month from the local quilt guild. added 2" sashing and did 2" criss-cross quilting, the quilt was complete. it's our tester. i think for the next one, stitiching around and in teh stars...or just one star. with the success of this quilt, several more will definetly follow :)

and, with the day after being another good friend's birthday, i knitted up some socks. the same friend who made the blocks made the bag. i got one for a babyshower gift and it's perfect for my dp roll and extra knitting stuff.

Friday, May 27, 2011

wicked witch of the east quilt

in the monthly quilt guild newsletter, there's a block-of-the-month you can make, bring to the meeting and enter into the drawing. more times than not, i participate. this last year, a friend joined and i told her that i'd do the block-of-the-months with the first one (finished size was something like 23"x23"!!!) since i told her i would, we made the blocks together..

lo and behold! i one the first month, total of 3 big blocks...i gave her mine and kept hers (and the extra one)

the rest of the quilt blocks consisted of making 2 of the same blocks a month, with different colors...

between my friend and i, we won ALL the months...haha, easy when it's just the two of us :/ so every month, we'd win and swap blocks.

the only month we didnt win was october's block, but, it was because the block wasnt part of the series...

so here's my wicked witch of the east...thing 1...

i'm going to add different size prairie points on the top and a pair of black/white strip legs with red shoes on the damn goofy

my friend assembled her's the way the instructions suggested...

did i mention that after winning (and realizing it was just the 2 of us out of the 70+ ladies) i started picking out, FUGLY fabric...fabrics that are the "wtf-why-did-they-make-this!?"

all of my blocks (excpet the big halloween block) are from my friend...and scrap fabric

hoping to get it sandwiched, quilted and ready for the county fair in august.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

shirts, skirts and sacks

with about 24 students in her class, the hurricane has been to quite a few partys. the standard gift, a bag, hair clips, bubbles, and maybe a coloring book. these bags were made for a party on sat, then on wed of spring break. the bag's reversable and i added the girl's names on the "inside" of the bag.

 we didnt go out for easter nor did i buy any foofy dresses or fancy shirts...made the hurricanes "easter" outfits instead.

for teacher appriciation day (which the school had may 11th) i made the hurricane's teacher a cat in the hat square bag and filled it with tea. she made her teacher a card and gave it to her.

the skirt was a pair of pants that had a hole in the knee...that i could've easily fixed, but with her pulling and tugging at it, made it bigger. bwahahaha, hope ya dont think you're guna get new pants from that dear? modified it into a skirt, added a ruffle and stitched the flower from the pant leg to the skirt.

from another blog that i followed, the lady made thee cutest backpack from oliver +s things to sew. yes, i bought the book just for the backpack. so freaking adorable!! i'm planning on a dora backpack

heehee, bought the fabric for her shirt at the local quilt store and fell in love with it. finally made her shirt. she wore it with a skirt i had made from an old poncho. makes me giggle inside when she wears stuff i make her.

and here's my daughter's ladybug backpack. i adjusted the pattern so it would fit her folder...haha, even though she has about a month of school left...oh well aye

quilts with some swearing involved

with the arrival of our third bundle of energy, i wanted a quilt pattern that i hadn't done before. i found one in a magazine but once i started cutting and pieceing, new it wasnt exactly what i wanted. and then came "interlocking stars"

awhile ago, i had taken a picture of "interlocking stars" that was on the cover of fons & poter's january quilt magazine. forgot about it till i was watching their show on pbs several months later.  made a block and it was 16  1/2" inches!  found the instructions for the quilt and the block was supposed to be 10 1/2"
the stars have points with music notes and the white fabric around them have white stars. the color fabric are batiks....oooh i loooove batiks....

i love this quilt so much, i want to make a big one for my bed. so here's baby hurricane #3's quilt. hand quited. the back is made up of the extra scraps, the first block i had made, and red kitty christmas fabric form a nightgown my grandma had made me about 20 years ago...

this is "callie rae." design from an ad in a quilt magazine. the ad had it in white with thinner lines between the prints. since my sil also likes baseball and the san fran giants, i added some on the quilt. and of today, the baby the quilt's for has no name...haha figures...that's what i get for trying to be all snazzy and stitch the name and my info on the back of the quilt before i machien quilted it...lesson learned :/

last year, my ol man bought me a buck-a-block from the local quilt store. looooved it! and since i had no idea wtf thangles are, i made my half-square triangles the only way i knew how...and like the hippy fabric horder that i am, saved my triangle pieces, sewed them into pinwheels and added them to my quilt...haha, had enough for another "wall hanging" quilt.

this quilt is from another magazine (agh, name escapes me, something about tumbling 9-patch i think). this is for the youngest sil who's 2 weeks ahead of me...i wanted to make a bright, colorful quilt for her third baby girl. i added a border of purple and am going to use some of the extra fabric to make some prairie points around the border.

haha, and for mother's day, the ol man and i were talking about meme's and did this one. haha, if i do it again, i'll make the lettering wider and hand quilting the meme. i bought fabric and paint to stencil "fuck yea" for the back. haha...yea...

this is how i felt while trying to sew with my 2 1/2 year old hurricane floating around me

Sunday, March 13, 2011

instead of my chores...

the hurricane had picked out "tangled" fabric and a light pink with cupcakes for some dresses

i had three different buttons for her to choose from, well, she wanted them all on her dress

since it goes straight down, i'm thinking 'bout adding ties or elastic to sinch the sides.
baby raider's quilt for a cousin in the midwest, and yes, i added 49er's fabric on the side
frog foot baby boy quilt

and a blue puppy lunch bag...zebra, cow, shark...soo many more ideas
reversable book bag and a crayon roll for a 6 year-old birthday girl.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and some more shparkles!

and because the brown dino is a boy dino, she needed a girl dino...and it's a girl 'cus it has lashes....

a sweater for my 1 year-old cousin . it's charlie's cardi from

and the snake was watching from watching my son play with a stuffed's made from halloween fabric and's pretty hilarous feeding shtanley the snake cars, barbies and bacon.

and because the ol man doenst think i do enough...he took the butterfly dino to work and a co-worker requested a green one, lashes, but 2 fingers...

and since we're on sparkle kick...the pink cat is the hurricane's new lunch bag...shparkles, lashes, and a shiny fish (which holds her gummy snacks)
the cow was done by a friend for one of her kids....haha looooove it

Sunday, January 30, 2011


so while looking for fabric to make a new maternity shirt, the hurricane stated that she wanted that fabric for her own shirt...

really? the black fabric w/ "blood" and hearts and the other stuff?
well, i guess since it has sparkles it was cool....and roses...and hearts w/

so i copied a dress we had and modified it to a "pull-over" shirt. i think it would've looked cute as a button shirt too.

i cut a 1" bias, folded it so that raw edges met in the middle and sewed it on. my first time doing the bias
and because the hurricane loves hearts and everything and anything related to valentine's day *rolls eyes and groans* i used the heart stitch instead of serging and for the bottom hem.