Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sushi shawl

i'm finally finished!

i bought a total of 8 balls of cascade yarns superwash wool (brown, black, white, pink) and a green in 100% acrylic and another bulky pink.

and after a month of knitting and crocheting non-stop...i give you....sushi!
with a border of garter, the "platter" is in stockinette. the "fish" is knitted in stockinette with a garter in the middle and a garter green veggie. the rice and nori is crochet in half-double crochet. there is aslo a stockinette "ginger" and crocheted "wasabi."

Monday, April 6, 2009

are you ready to crop!

saturday was an all day scrapbooking event that a friend and i attended.

man, do i feel out a place! metallica shirt, tattoos, and my clearance paper among the creative memories stuff....dont get me wrong, that stuff's wicked, but too pricey for me.

a friend suggested that i scrapbook my quilts. with a new book and a bunch of 8x10's i got to work. it's funny because i thought i was going to be done with my pictures and leaving early. oh no. i was there the whole time!

damn women and their cattiness....sugarcoated viciousness.

so now i need to reorder some of my older pictures of the quilts i've done to make a "back in the day" collage.

i'm excited.

haha, another project in the making!

ugh, stupid dinning room table looks like a scrapbook land mine! paper and scraps everywhere!

well, i guess since my sister-n-law had her kid, i should probably finish up his quilt.


Friday, April 3, 2009

sushi roll

at handmade memories yarn stores, there's a shawl contest going on till the end of this month. the only requirments are that you buy the yarn at the store and make it within a certain size.

if i'm going to make a shawl for myself, it's going to be something that screams "me."

so i'm making a sushi roll shawl.

it's going to knitted in brown and the sushi is going to crocheted (and some knitted) and appliqued on.


so far i've knitted about 11"...only 51"

i think i'm going to start on the sushi