Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh look....

it's december. so....23 more days?


got a phone call for another tunsian stocking....yeah shure, i can do i said last year, i've got nothing to do *bigger cackle*

so let's see...
-a pair of hooter pants for the hurricane. made it so she had something special to wear when the owl and bat visted her classroom
-beetlejuice out of halloween pantyhoes...hahaha..."sandworms. yeah, i hate 'em too"
-customized a snuggie for the ol man's friend...he's a "seahawk" fan...haha...hence the sea chicken
-made another telemark sweater, socks and a zaggity hat.  
-another mini robot to sell on etsy 
-a mini seam reaper for the profile pic of the shop

and inbetween all that..i've made some matching hats out of the yarn from my sweater, socks for my mom (which aren't the same blasted size!!! ARRRGHHH) and a orange/verigated orange/red hat for a moniter...

on my "gotta finish" list, there are 2 baby quilts and 1 pillowcase/quilt in the making, another sweater, and some socks....

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  1. Holy creepers...makes me tired just reading this...when do you sleep?