Wednesday, February 9, 2011

and some more shparkles!

and because the brown dino is a boy dino, she needed a girl dino...and it's a girl 'cus it has lashes....

a sweater for my 1 year-old cousin . it's charlie's cardi from

and the snake was watching from watching my son play with a stuffed's made from halloween fabric and's pretty hilarous feeding shtanley the snake cars, barbies and bacon.

and because the ol man doenst think i do enough...he took the butterfly dino to work and a co-worker requested a green one, lashes, but 2 fingers...

and since we're on sparkle kick...the pink cat is the hurricane's new lunch bag...shparkles, lashes, and a shiny fish (which holds her gummy snacks)
the cow was done by a friend for one of her kids....haha looooove it