Wednesday, January 27, 2010

birthdays and babies

i cant tell you how giddy i was when i finished the "blanket with sleeves" for a friend's four year-old son. and...i had enough of the dino fleece to make a bag for it....the next time jo-anns has their fleece at 40% off, i'm gona join the masses and make myself a "it's a freakin blanket with sleeves!"

do you see the pocket?

and then, a friend had their baby...and since he's a superman fan, what better than to stich on the logo. we bought superman fabric online and because the print was too big for my liking, i used it as the backing.

during xmas, my ma bought me some cowboy *egh* fabric to make a quilt for her youngest sister.

easy peasy lemon squeezy!
i have one more baby boy quilt to make for this month...then it's back to the drawing board for the next round of babies. i'm thinking: mario theme, construction trucks, and a girly-theme....

next month, a friend is going to teach a group of us how to make a pillow-blanket. freakin excited!!
onto the knitting...haha, made a "female" tissue cover and some male inspired chapstick covers...bwahahaha

i've finished the back of my starsky sweater and started the left side...and what better to go w/ my sweater than a handbag from the designer!

slowly but shirley (dont call me shirley) i'll get my list done!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

flower dough, flower sculpture...

2 of the names luci picked for her quilt

i was making a quilt w/ different Dresden plates and little ol hurricane really wanted one.

so off to jo-anns we went and picked out 20 different fat quarters: pinks, purples, reds and 1 blue.

i started cutting and setting up the "petals" last year...

just recently, she harassed by saying "mom, i dont want you to make any more quilts for my friends, i want you to finish my flower quilt"

after some ironing, i had a nice pile of the 20 different petals ready for her to "make" the flowers. she would sometimes help w/ pressing on the petal of the sewing machine.

for the past week, we would make 3 or 4 flowers in bout an hour.

after blocking them, i had her place them on the floor on where she wanted them. haha...*Homer Simpson* doh! i didnt square them off before i added the borders! so i had to go back and square them off... that's okay, the quilt's already a nice size.

i'm really excited to show the quilt guild hurriance's first quilt! yay!