Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pullover! no it's a cardigan...

no no, it's really a pullover. telemark pullover from

i havn't tried it on el chuckster cause he's been napping and all boogery...didnt think it would make for a flattering picture

very easy and fun to knit up!


  1. CUTE....My Aunt made one like this for Dylan when he was younger...she put a gold trim around it and ND in gold letters to make it look like a Notre Dame Sweater....(because apparently that's my husband's team) was super cute. I like the color, charlie will love it.

  2. super cute! hey, i know its totally late, but you won the contest for the halloween cookie cutters! things were so crazy i just remember i never sent them to you!! i'm so sorry! at least you'll have them for next year.:)

    just email me at with the address you'd like them sent!
    your bloggin'friend,