Thursday, November 12, 2009

friendship sampler quilt

i was inspired by a blog on making a wall quilt for my new craft room.

deciding on what kind of quilt to paint on my wall was a bit frustrating. there are SO many beautiful quilts. even if decided on a block, the possibilities are endless.

so it got me thinking on what type of quilts i like.

samplers! (i do enjoy them at Costco haha)

so here's my check list on the wall quilt
-taking measurements of the wall, divide and conqure! haha, i mean, figureing out how many blocks will go on it
-asking family and friends to pick a block they like
-arranging the blocks
-stenciling on the wall
-then, paint party!

*lightbulb* oh! and then i can make it for reals!! brilliant!

running a chain link

i won a table runner kit from the quilt guild earlier this year and finally got around to making it...well, the top at least.

now all we need is a table.

and now that we've already spent several nights in our new house *happy dance for being homeowners* i figured i should finish up the 1930's quilt.

and in our new house, there's room to lay the 8x7 rows of 11" block in the livingroom. teehee :)

the last couple of days, i've been to excited to just sit and knit, so i finished the quilt top by adding the 3 borders. the quilt was suppose to be a 6x7 block but it would only fit the top of our bed.

to give you an idea of how big the quilt top is, i added the bathroom door as a referance.
prairie points are added instead of binding. haha, we'll see if i get to that point after all the quilting!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pullover! no it's a cardigan...

no no, it's really a pullover. telemark pullover from

i havn't tried it on el chuckster cause he's been napping and all boogery...didnt think it would make for a flattering picture

very easy and fun to knit up!