Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my bulb is burning!

last july, i had made a "roads" quilt and entered it into the local county fair. i didn't win but i received recognition.

my hurricane (barely three) had her animal toys out and she positioned them so that they were "drinking."


my little light bulb bursted on...i was going to make her a jungle roads quilt. that day, we went to jo-anns and i had her pick out green and blue fat quarters.

i started drawing up a simple 3x3 block quilt...something sweet and small. well, i wasn't happy w/ the different sketches that i drew up.

my final "map" of the jungle quilt turned out to be a 7x8 block quilt. it's going to be our couch quilt. so of course we had to get more fat quarters!

on national quilt day (march 21) i finally finished the top and sandwiched it together. i'm uber happy with the results!

the backing is halloween fabric and dang it all, i still have a bunch of it leftover!

i'm trying to rush through the baby quilt i'm making for a sister-n-law so i can start quilting this one.

i also haven't named it yet, but i think my hurricane's leaning towards animal quilt. haha

Monday, March 16, 2009

toots for hoots

a friend of mine is very passionate about breastfeeding and found a knitted breast pattern online and the many different uses for them.

she knitted two up (pink w/ a darker pink nipple and a variegated pink one) and took it to her breastfeeding task force meeting. and viola! they loved them! she got requests for some more variegated, pinks, and some browns.

i offered to help and between the two of us, we knitted a total of 10 breasts!
haha, i thought it would be hilarious to add a nipple ring on one of them. i removed it before she went to her meeting :)

five card draw

there was leftover peach/dark pink yarn so i knitted my hurricane a booby hat.


winter blossom

dedication on the back of the quilt:

May the sun warm your soul, the blue bird’s song sing harmony to your heart and the flowers make your spirit smile. A secret garden for you to relax in.

i finished on tuesday and have been waiting ever since to give it to my friend. but complications arise and i still have the quilt, waiting.

after three phone calls and a couple of emails, i feel bad for harassing her. i know she's busy but in my heart, i know that this will give her the "hug" she might need when no one is around to give her one.

winter blossom

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

blue bonnets

i had a dream about mi abueltio.

he was wearing his green, purple, blue jacket that i had given him years ago and was walking out of the house wearing a knitted gray hat with variegated strands within the gray.

when i woke up, i had to knit him a hat.

at michael's we found a "wool" worsted weight hat that felt oh so soft.

so with the wool-ease blue mist (and another blue heather), redheart knit hat & mitten pattern, and size 6 and 8 double point needles, i was on my way. i also knitted a hat for mi abuelita.

surprisingly, i made her's on the trip down to my ma's house (six hour drive). i was working on it friday night at the knitting club but dang it all, took it out 3 times before i actually was able to continue with it.

gorritos para mis abuelitos