Tuesday, November 27, 2012

craft fairs

it's that time of year again where i scramble like eggs to make stuff for craft fairs. haha, and every year  after they're all done, it's said again "let's start way earlier"

i've been making several bags to throw goodies in...haha, like this knitty sheep, mary jane undies (which sold fast on etsy!..need to make s'more), and handys...haha

i like this little guy...soft fleece and a squishy body...pockets for the front and zipper for his braaain (no, not really, but that's on the list, zombie pillow)
it's exciting that the business is growing...but the fun has been harder to find...i'm thinking of taking a break...maybe do something new...but my machine and it's buddies in storage..not just the sewing room or garage, but away.
figured since my dirty 30 is less than a month, i can do something new. see how it goes for a year..like wear a "grown-up" shirt once a week (haha, give my metallica and woot shirts a break)
it's been a long time since i've had the firey passion, i can feel my soul getting cold
i'll finish up the open orders and list for the craft fairs, but i think once the dirty 30 is officially here, i'll hang up my sissors

Friday, May 18, 2012

water colors

last june, there was  class on string piecing...using up scraps and not to worry about bringing any, the strings would be provided...just another reason for me to hoard my scraps....haha, i also came home with the leftovers...

i had a different design for the quilt; i think i was going to sash the 12" blocks and have some 9" and 6" for the boarder...but this...is complete chaos...

rainbows have been my style lately....red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple...

my ol man helped me figure out the design for this quilt. sort of reminds me of a watercolor set. i'm going to try and quilt a paint brush on the rainbow strip and stipple the rest.

the only thing i don't like about this quilt is having to take off the paper from the blocks...maybe next time i'll use old fabric or dryer sheets...something i can just leave on

*sigh* another ufo out of the way...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

my littlest stitch

she's 8 months, sits on my lap when i piece my blocks, holds down my quilt tops, and make shur that the sandwiched quilts are soft and comfy...her white nose is the hum of my machine

she's awake in the second picture because i was taking pics instead of sewing ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

one more hour...

nope, probably 3 or 4 would help...i could get more posts up...
i'm not going to bother with updateting with what i've done since december...
so let's just start new here...(maybe update flicker account?)
 buck-a-block from my local fabric store. this year we had 2 6" squares out of the monthly pattern. so i made two quilts. the left one is for me. a bit disapointed that the outer triangels don't line up in the side triangles. error on my part. the right quilt is for an aunt who's given us lots of girl clothes and been super awesome.

this one is the same block concept, but done in 30's reprints. it's a thank you for my grandma who gave me her treddle.