Thursday, April 29, 2010

what goes with fries?



my current three projects...

a cinco de mayo quilt...needs 6 more peppers and a cupcake and coffee center,
deadline: may 5th..duh! haha, but i'm gona take it to the quilt guild for show-n-tell

graduation gift for my god-daughter, figured she's like my little sister, she needs a quilt :) and it's so freakin easy and cool!!! love it!!
deadline:may 15th

and the third project, applique sun bonnet sue for a baby already born....i know, i'm slackin! she was born last week...and i'm barely starting on her quilt! but i'll be worth it
the other three "sue's "are a caltrans flagger, hunter, mechanic. figured i'd give the "sues" some "manly" actions..the dad was hoping for a boy...but come on, girls can go w/ their dad and fish, hunt and work on cars! shesh!

i'm such a sewing nut that i have the "peppers" on the machine inside the house and the grad quilt being quilted on the machine in my sewing room....haha, and 'cause the sue's are appliqued, that's being done by me

Friday, April 23, 2010

doctor doctor!

"give me the news, i've gota, bad case of loooving yooou!"

i used the jacket/coat from Simplicty 3997 Child Costumes to make the lab coat.

added 8" from the "jacket" part of the costume. used the front, back, collar and inside yoke for the coat and trimmed the sides of the jacket so it doesn't flair out like the costume.

when it's all pinned up
i figured i'd sell them on etsy...there are scrubs a plenty, but there aren't any lab coats. doctor, vet, mad scientist...possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

in honor of earth day

i had bought this "cover-up" at a thirft store yeeeeears ago....and of course, it's funky and everytime i'd wear it, i'd get that raised-eybrow look from my ol man (yes, i am easily amused)

and cause i'm a hippy at heart...i decided to cut it into a reusable bag...bwahaha

so you take your original bag and make a template

my pattern fit perfectly over the fabric when it was folded twice....and that made i possible for me to only sew one side

i was going to sew some bias on the edges...but it wasn't working as well as i'd hope so i just turned in and hemmed the edges.

i was going to add snaps like the original bag but...again, it didn't work out so i added some elastic instead.
and ta-da! all done
the new bag and orignal

Saturday, April 10, 2010

mini sample

sometimes, i quilt like this....

i think next time, i might make the design a lighter brown so it looks more like a bear paw....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

jump dance hat

another baby, another couple of hats.

here's a jump dance hat that my ol man wanted for a friend.

made a rectangle, stitched up the sides and inbetween "2 feathers" from either side...viola!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

disappearing 9 patch

cut here, sew there, cut again and twist!


and some awesome alexander henry fabric i bought....super excited!!

i was asked if i would like to donate a quilt so this is what i'm working on... bear paw with different blocks