Friday, March 26, 2010

holding my breath...

how many more rows can i get out of it? *sigh* i think i might have to make a trip to the "yern" store...and get some for chuck's sweater vest too....all for the egg hunt.

and, while letting my hand take a break from knitting, i picked up a scrappy quilt i had started..
start with size 6" blocks and 1 1/2"x8 1/2" strips, cut, sew, trim and viola! you end up with a 5" square.

i've got a LOT of scraps...haha, i seem to always start scrappy quilts, but never finish. i think right now, there's (hexagon, cross-roads, sandwich blocks...wha? that's it? hm...thought i had more)
and of course, i ask the ol man what quilt he wants...and he chooses the "catherdal window"
this quilt is gona take me forever!

you can see how much i've improved on my stitches if you compare the bottom to the top right set of windows....visable stitches vs small, hidden stitches

Sunday, March 21, 2010

needs weedin

a couple of years ago, i made my brother's girlfriend a lap quilt w/ some of his pictures and had him put his hand prints and saying in 2 blocks....well, it looked like a good idea to get rid of a bunch of scraps...haha...

so after several years of the 3x3 block quilt top on the wait list, i decided to take a break from the green eggs-n-ham and dresden quilt to see what was left of "jewel in my garden"

haha...yeah, well, finshed a block and made another to make the quilt a 3x4...and what to do w/ the extra strips and triangles? why the border of course!

since it's a scrappy-crappy quilt (oh so much puckering!) i tried to use up whatever leftover bobbin thread i had for the back...and do you see the small square in the wrong spot?  yea...found it after i started quilting..haha, eh, it's a scrappy!

i think i'm bout half way done with the quilting on the border...decided to take a break; the neighbor's bbq smell was wafting in my room....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

aaaaand we're done!

started on tuesday, finished on friday! haha, see the 49er fabric? oh yeah! haha

so i can get rid of this *shudders* material, i stitched up a pocket to make a quillow...haha, i think i ended up with a 3x5" piece of fabric.

and will be outa my house! woot!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

glow baby glow!

Caffeinated Crafters has arrived!!!

the ol west

another cowboy fan was born...*shudders* and since i planned carefully, 2 yards of cowboy fabric produced 2 quilts....*shudders*

the first quilt was for my aunt's baby boy, the second is for my ol man's cousin

here it is...the top that is....right now, it's stuck in the machine half way quilted...

i think the blue fabric is some kind of's not cotton...i dont know, i bought it years ago...and yes, i will be binding the quilt with some 49er's fabric...haha

the quilt is about 45" square...which is nice because i dont have to sew pieces together for the back

i decided to do some echo quilting and far so good

i do not like them sam-i-am

"i do not like green eggs and ham"

one of my FAVORITE dr suess books that i had memorized as a kid. anytime my mom would skip or accidently miss a line, i'd remind her what line it was...haha

and in honor of dr suess and the love (and slight obession) of reading that we have...i started an eggs n ham quilt on his bday (marh 3rd)

green eggs and ham applique

and here, the mouse in the house....i thought i'd be funny to use some traditional blocks (like the attic window and log cabin)

the blocks still need details, like "shading" for the ham and the mouse's face and tail. the blocks are going to be bordered in a lime green and the overal quilt will be borded with an orange...kind of like the book

i was debating on putting a small platter of green eggs and ham on each of the blocks (mouse in house, fox in box, etc) but it might take away from the overall idea...hmm...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


*trumpets blasting* TA TA TAAAAAA!!!!

my sweater is done!...well, i need to weave in the loose ends and make me a belt (and loops) but the majority of it is done!!!

and yes, since it's my first sweater...sleeves are a bit long, but warm *smug smile*

i had 291 stitches when i added collar....oh man, my hand ached!


*sigh of awesomeness*

they have a starsky jr....i think my hurricane needs one...haha :}

i read on ravelry that it was done all in one seams...i think i'm going to try that with my ma's sweater.