Thursday, December 31, 2009

knit and stitch bits

since i was knitting on the trip from home to "da border" (bout 17+ hour drive) i did a lot of knitting...

-2 skull caps

-pair of barbie pants...
*which i have to find to snap a pic of...

-started and am 1/2 done with a sock...

on a small bubble bottle ........................................on a cream soda bottle

-worked some rows on my sweater...
after working on the sock pattern...the sweater pattern just seemed sooo easy! 38 rounds to 12...yeah, easy peasy lemon squeezy

i think i'm a bit burnt on knitting so i started working on quilts...that and hurricane lu was harrassin me "ma, stop working on my friends quilt and work on mine...." haha..oops

so here's a quilt for my aunt's kids.....*shudders* yes, the like cowboys

and 4 more flowers :) the hurricane picked out the petals and i sewed them for, hand appliquing them down. i'm super excited bout her quilt...haha, prolly more than she is :)

with new babies being born, i'll be making s'more hats/booties and quilts.
and...last but no least....
a surprise in ze mail! "socks a la carte" you sly boots you!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

slow for the cone zone

"we're here to get you there"

my ol man works at caltrans and asked me if i could make a hard hat and cone for the christmas basket at work.

the cone is from ravelry and the hart hat is a simple hat pattern. the ridges were made by crocheting a chain stich on the top.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


a couple of months ago, i was asked if i could duplicate some stockings. shure thing, i got nothing else to do *sits back and cackles*

i figured the lady would want them as soon as december rolled around. and shure enough, she called and asked how the stockings were, fine? 2 down, 1 half way, and another one to be made...

i've looked online to find a pattern for the Tunisian crochet and nothing! several sites state that this is a lost art....well, cast on like knitting and pick up stitches, then close the loops like's killer on the wrists!

so i guess i should finish up the white one and start the last one....