Wednesday, April 14, 2010

in honor of earth day

i had bought this "cover-up" at a thirft store yeeeeears ago....and of course, it's funky and everytime i'd wear it, i'd get that raised-eybrow look from my ol man (yes, i am easily amused)

and cause i'm a hippy at heart...i decided to cut it into a reusable bag...bwahaha

so you take your original bag and make a template

my pattern fit perfectly over the fabric when it was folded twice....and that made i possible for me to only sew one side

i was going to sew some bias on the edges...but it wasn't working as well as i'd hope so i just turned in and hemmed the edges.

i was going to add snaps like the original bag but...again, it didn't work out so i added some elastic instead.
and ta-da! all done
the new bag and orignal

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