Sunday, January 30, 2011


so while looking for fabric to make a new maternity shirt, the hurricane stated that she wanted that fabric for her own shirt...

really? the black fabric w/ "blood" and hearts and the other stuff?
well, i guess since it has sparkles it was cool....and roses...and hearts w/

so i copied a dress we had and modified it to a "pull-over" shirt. i think it would've looked cute as a button shirt too.

i cut a 1" bias, folded it so that raw edges met in the middle and sewed it on. my first time doing the bias
and because the hurricane loves hearts and everything and anything related to valentine's day *rolls eyes and groans* i used the heart stitch instead of serging and for the bottom hem.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

seeing green

it just so happens that the 2 teams i am rooting for are green...i love green...go packers! j-e-t-s! jets! jets! jets!

and so does my friend's five-year his brother's party, he asked me if he could have a car-eating dino...haha, i dont remember the convo, but any excuse to try something new, i'm there.


and so  now, we have "larry"

larry's made of halloween fabric, the flimsy "satiny" to make it a lot easier to work with, i ironed fusible inerfacing to it.

haha, he cracks me up!

i'm going to try and make a "man-eating" cow! bwahaha....