Monday, May 31, 2010

martha may

from martha's encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts, i made the hurricane a bunny and dress from a jacket and dress shirt....

added buttons for the eyes and nose, and lu request a mouth

and cause it's just funny, made her a pair of pantaloons from the sleeves...hilarious!!

not too bad for my first shirt-dress...haha

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

picinic in the stars

so here it is, 23 star blocks from the block of the month star series from the quilt guild.
the top and bottom row are blocks that i had won (and the pink in the middle)
i was thinking that a black would make the stars pop out, but i didnt want it to's supposed to be a picnic quilt.
so i pilfered through my stash and figured i'd use up the rest of the light blue elvis fabric

and of course, this picture is sideways; top row is on the far right.

just need to add sashing on the top and side of quilt, sandwich and quilt it.
that's another delima i'm i sandwich with cottom batting? or polyester? thick or thin? or just make it into a "summer quilt?"


Sunday, May 16, 2010

take a seat pete

had some crazy idea to takle making a couch for the hurricanes. thought if they had their own, they'd leave the big one alone...hahaha....

got the info from this blog which has a printable list of how much you'll need

instead of cutting it down to 21", i left the foam at 24" (both kids are able to sit on the couch)

haha...ran out of the purple denim so i used the "outdoor" fabric from jo-anns...haha...

i'm going to make another one so that each hurricane have their own couch to play with

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

to the point

started out doing the "dissapering 9-patch" with cherry fabric. fell in love with the way it turned out but only made 6 blocks out of the charm  off the store i go. they didnt have all the fabric that was in the charm packs so i was stuck...

with the help of the owner, she suggested the "to the point" (i think) and with 2 charm packs, sew here, cut there...

a square!

since it's for my god-daugther...and she's grduation college, i wanted the quilt to be i added an inch of marron, with a row of squares on the top and bottom 

"ta da!" done

i free-hand quilted the border, echoing some of the little "flowers" and did an inch from the stitch-in-the ditch.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



i've been trying to keep busy....well, distracted...

i finished the top of the "i can do that too" sunbonnet sue earlier this's pinned up and ready to be stitched. the backing fabric is made up of construction stuff, super cute

i've also finished quilting the grad-on the point quilt and started binding later.

here's the current dont-go-crazy quilt
9 of the blocks are from 2 drawings fromthe guild's block of the month.
i'm going to add s'more so that it's a 5x5, add a pocket (to make it into a quillow), and some snaps to attach the quilt to the shower curtain.

i think 2 of the squares are going to be made from half triangle squares leftover from the flying geese pieces.

egh, just want friday night to be here...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

almost done

with my "catch-up"

the top of the "cinco de mayo" quilt
the hurricane's lab coat *evil laugh*

and a "sunbonnet sue" quilt