Wednesday, May 18, 2011

shirts, skirts and sacks

with about 24 students in her class, the hurricane has been to quite a few partys. the standard gift, a bag, hair clips, bubbles, and maybe a coloring book. these bags were made for a party on sat, then on wed of spring break. the bag's reversable and i added the girl's names on the "inside" of the bag.

 we didnt go out for easter nor did i buy any foofy dresses or fancy shirts...made the hurricanes "easter" outfits instead.

for teacher appriciation day (which the school had may 11th) i made the hurricane's teacher a cat in the hat square bag and filled it with tea. she made her teacher a card and gave it to her.

the skirt was a pair of pants that had a hole in the knee...that i could've easily fixed, but with her pulling and tugging at it, made it bigger. bwahahaha, hope ya dont think you're guna get new pants from that dear? modified it into a skirt, added a ruffle and stitched the flower from the pant leg to the skirt.

from another blog that i followed, the lady made thee cutest backpack from oliver +s things to sew. yes, i bought the book just for the backpack. so freaking adorable!! i'm planning on a dora backpack

heehee, bought the fabric for her shirt at the local quilt store and fell in love with it. finally made her shirt. she wore it with a skirt i had made from an old poncho. makes me giggle inside when she wears stuff i make her.

and here's my daughter's ladybug backpack. i adjusted the pattern so it would fit her folder...haha, even though she has about a month of school left...oh well aye

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