Wednesday, May 18, 2011

quilts with some swearing involved

with the arrival of our third bundle of energy, i wanted a quilt pattern that i hadn't done before. i found one in a magazine but once i started cutting and pieceing, new it wasnt exactly what i wanted. and then came "interlocking stars"

awhile ago, i had taken a picture of "interlocking stars" that was on the cover of fons & poter's january quilt magazine. forgot about it till i was watching their show on pbs several months later.  made a block and it was 16  1/2" inches!  found the instructions for the quilt and the block was supposed to be 10 1/2"
the stars have points with music notes and the white fabric around them have white stars. the color fabric are batiks....oooh i loooove batiks....

i love this quilt so much, i want to make a big one for my bed. so here's baby hurricane #3's quilt. hand quited. the back is made up of the extra scraps, the first block i had made, and red kitty christmas fabric form a nightgown my grandma had made me about 20 years ago...

this is "callie rae." design from an ad in a quilt magazine. the ad had it in white with thinner lines between the prints. since my sil also likes baseball and the san fran giants, i added some on the quilt. and of today, the baby the quilt's for has no name...haha figures...that's what i get for trying to be all snazzy and stitch the name and my info on the back of the quilt before i machien quilted it...lesson learned :/

last year, my ol man bought me a buck-a-block from the local quilt store. looooved it! and since i had no idea wtf thangles are, i made my half-square triangles the only way i knew how...and like the hippy fabric horder that i am, saved my triangle pieces, sewed them into pinwheels and added them to my quilt...haha, had enough for another "wall hanging" quilt.

this quilt is from another magazine (agh, name escapes me, something about tumbling 9-patch i think). this is for the youngest sil who's 2 weeks ahead of me...i wanted to make a bright, colorful quilt for her third baby girl. i added a border of purple and am going to use some of the extra fabric to make some prairie points around the border.

haha, and for mother's day, the ol man and i were talking about meme's and did this one. haha, if i do it again, i'll make the lettering wider and hand quilting the meme. i bought fabric and paint to stencil "fuck yea" for the back. haha...yea...

this is how i felt while trying to sew with my 2 1/2 year old hurricane floating around me

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