Friday, May 27, 2011

wicked witch of the east quilt

in the monthly quilt guild newsletter, there's a block-of-the-month you can make, bring to the meeting and enter into the drawing. more times than not, i participate. this last year, a friend joined and i told her that i'd do the block-of-the-months with the first one (finished size was something like 23"x23"!!!) since i told her i would, we made the blocks together..

lo and behold! i one the first month, total of 3 big blocks...i gave her mine and kept hers (and the extra one)

the rest of the quilt blocks consisted of making 2 of the same blocks a month, with different colors...

between my friend and i, we won ALL the months...haha, easy when it's just the two of us :/ so every month, we'd win and swap blocks.

the only month we didnt win was october's block, but, it was because the block wasnt part of the series...

so here's my wicked witch of the east...thing 1...

i'm going to add different size prairie points on the top and a pair of black/white strip legs with red shoes on the damn goofy

my friend assembled her's the way the instructions suggested...

did i mention that after winning (and realizing it was just the 2 of us out of the 70+ ladies) i started picking out, FUGLY fabric...fabrics that are the "wtf-why-did-they-make-this!?"

all of my blocks (excpet the big halloween block) are from my friend...and scrap fabric

hoping to get it sandwiched, quilted and ready for the county fair in august.

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