Thursday, March 11, 2010

i do not like them sam-i-am

"i do not like green eggs and ham"

one of my FAVORITE dr suess books that i had memorized as a kid. anytime my mom would skip or accidently miss a line, i'd remind her what line it was...haha

and in honor of dr suess and the love (and slight obession) of reading that we have...i started an eggs n ham quilt on his bday (marh 3rd)

green eggs and ham applique

and here, the mouse in the house....i thought i'd be funny to use some traditional blocks (like the attic window and log cabin)

the blocks still need details, like "shading" for the ham and the mouse's face and tail. the blocks are going to be bordered in a lime green and the overal quilt will be borded with an orange...kind of like the book

i was debating on putting a small platter of green eggs and ham on each of the blocks (mouse in house, fox in box, etc) but it might take away from the overall idea...hmm...

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