Sunday, March 21, 2010

needs weedin

a couple of years ago, i made my brother's girlfriend a lap quilt w/ some of his pictures and had him put his hand prints and saying in 2 blocks....well, it looked like a good idea to get rid of a bunch of scraps...haha...

so after several years of the 3x3 block quilt top on the wait list, i decided to take a break from the green eggs-n-ham and dresden quilt to see what was left of "jewel in my garden"

haha...yeah, well, finshed a block and made another to make the quilt a 3x4...and what to do w/ the extra strips and triangles? why the border of course!

since it's a scrappy-crappy quilt (oh so much puckering!) i tried to use up whatever leftover bobbin thread i had for the back...and do you see the small square in the wrong spot?  yea...found it after i started quilting..haha, eh, it's a scrappy!

i think i'm bout half way done with the quilting on the border...decided to take a break; the neighbor's bbq smell was wafting in my room....

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