Friday, March 26, 2010

holding my breath...

how many more rows can i get out of it? *sigh* i think i might have to make a trip to the "yern" store...and get some for chuck's sweater vest too....all for the egg hunt.

and, while letting my hand take a break from knitting, i picked up a scrappy quilt i had started..
start with size 6" blocks and 1 1/2"x8 1/2" strips, cut, sew, trim and viola! you end up with a 5" square.

i've got a LOT of scraps...haha, i seem to always start scrappy quilts, but never finish. i think right now, there's (hexagon, cross-roads, sandwich blocks...wha? that's it? hm...thought i had more)
and of course, i ask the ol man what quilt he wants...and he chooses the "catherdal window"
this quilt is gona take me forever!

you can see how much i've improved on my stitches if you compare the bottom to the top right set of windows....visable stitches vs small, hidden stitches

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  1. wow! the cathredal windows are looking great..I have always love that look but am nowhere near talented enough to do it. go momma!