Thursday, November 12, 2009

friendship sampler quilt

i was inspired by a blog on making a wall quilt for my new craft room.

deciding on what kind of quilt to paint on my wall was a bit frustrating. there are SO many beautiful quilts. even if decided on a block, the possibilities are endless.

so it got me thinking on what type of quilts i like.

samplers! (i do enjoy them at Costco haha)

so here's my check list on the wall quilt
-taking measurements of the wall, divide and conqure! haha, i mean, figureing out how many blocks will go on it
-asking family and friends to pick a block they like
-arranging the blocks
-stenciling on the wall
-then, paint party!

*lightbulb* oh! and then i can make it for reals!! brilliant!

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