Tuesday, October 27, 2009

spiders and a hurricane

finally finished my wrist...arm warmers w/ spiders on it. first ones ever!
spider wrist warmers
the left is a bit worn out...i'm thinking i should block them.

and...because the contest at handmade memories requires mittens/gloves AND hat/scarf...i made *peter griffin* a hat!
hurricane hat
i'm debating on whether i like it or not...my first non-brim hat. i usually dont wear my hair down and when i do, it's tucked under my hat...i'm wearing it now...so far, it's okay

both patterns were on ravelry.com
the spider from the gardener and the hat is the hurricane hat

and while we're on the subject of hats....
viking hat

my ol man's a viking!
the pattern had earflaps but he wanted braids

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