Thursday, April 29, 2010

what goes with fries?



my current three projects...

a cinco de mayo quilt...needs 6 more peppers and a cupcake and coffee center,
deadline: may 5th..duh! haha, but i'm gona take it to the quilt guild for show-n-tell

graduation gift for my god-daughter, figured she's like my little sister, she needs a quilt :) and it's so freakin easy and cool!!! love it!!
deadline:may 15th

and the third project, applique sun bonnet sue for a baby already born....i know, i'm slackin! she was born last week...and i'm barely starting on her quilt! but i'll be worth it
the other three "sue's "are a caltrans flagger, hunter, mechanic. figured i'd give the "sues" some "manly" actions..the dad was hoping for a boy...but come on, girls can go w/ their dad and fish, hunt and work on cars! shesh!

i'm such a sewing nut that i have the "peppers" on the machine inside the house and the grad quilt being quilted on the machine in my sewing room....haha, and 'cause the sue's are appliqued, that's being done by me

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