Tuesday, May 11, 2010



i've been trying to keep busy....well, distracted...

i finished the top of the "i can do that too" sunbonnet sue earlier this month...it's pinned up and ready to be stitched. the backing fabric is made up of construction stuff, super cute

i've also finished quilting the grad-on the point quilt and started binding it...pics later.

here's the current dont-go-crazy quilt
9 of the blocks are from 2 drawings fromthe guild's block of the month.
i'm going to add s'more so that it's a 5x5, add a pocket (to make it into a quillow), and some snaps to attach the quilt to the shower curtain.

i think 2 of the squares are going to be made from half triangle squares leftover from the flying geese pieces.

egh, just want friday night to be here...

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  1. :( Your quilts are beautiful, if that makes you feel any better. and the idea to make the picnic blanket into a quillow is genius! You could sell those on etsy for sure.