Wednesday, January 27, 2010

birthdays and babies

i cant tell you how giddy i was when i finished the "blanket with sleeves" for a friend's four year-old son. and...i had enough of the dino fleece to make a bag for it....the next time jo-anns has their fleece at 40% off, i'm gona join the masses and make myself a "it's a freakin blanket with sleeves!"

do you see the pocket?

and then, a friend had their baby...and since he's a superman fan, what better than to stich on the logo. we bought superman fabric online and because the print was too big for my liking, i used it as the backing.

during xmas, my ma bought me some cowboy *egh* fabric to make a quilt for her youngest sister.

easy peasy lemon squeezy!
i have one more baby boy quilt to make for this month...then it's back to the drawing board for the next round of babies. i'm thinking: mario theme, construction trucks, and a girly-theme....

next month, a friend is going to teach a group of us how to make a pillow-blanket. freakin excited!!
onto the knitting...haha, made a "female" tissue cover and some male inspired chapstick covers...bwahahaha

i've finished the back of my starsky sweater and started the left side...and what better to go w/ my sweater than a handbag from the designer!

slowly but shirley (dont call me shirley) i'll get my list done!

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  1. Dylan LOVES! his blanket with sleeves...and the pocket was an awesome idea...he puts his toys in there in the daytime, his book at bedtime and his stuffed animals when he is ready to are awesome!